The New York Times
Saturday, June 22, 2002
Spirits Touched, but Unbroken

Students from Stuyvesant High School, in the shadow of Ground Zero, wanted to create a mural for the wall leading to their school. Since September 11, the theme has become the ability to dream of peace in the face of violence. Yesterday, volunteers from American Express worked with them.

The Tribeca Trib
June 2002
Alice is Coming to "The Wall"

Say "so long" to the dirty gray walls outside the Washington Market Park's tennis and basketball courts on Chambers Street. Alice is bringing a fanciful wonderland of local color to the popular Stuyvesant hangout.

Students from the school, led by artist Natalia Zukerman and interns from ©CityArts, the sponsoring organization that raised $60,000 for the project, are painting a wild assemblage of images that feature the Lewis Carroll figure: Alice meets early Manhattan settlers; Alice flies a kite on Wall Street; Alice takes the subway, etc. First proposed by students Christina Ward and Elizabeth Lohr as a literal depiction of the Alice story, the setting switched to New York. Last month, Zukerman took the kids' whimsical ideas and created a seamless flow of scenes.

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